having greens in your diet helps you to digest better allowing your gut to feel healthier and to move and remove toxins and waste from your body. ive also noticed eating organic foods is very helpful too as they pack in way more micronutrients than non organic foods would. the reason for eating greens is that greens are generally the most powerful foods to eat that are alkalising in their effect.

for me when i make a trip to wholefoods in piccadily circus its great because you can walk in and are surrounded by fresh produce and organic foods it gives you a feeling of options rather than being limited to what they have, ive shopped in main supermarkets but never seem to get as good food quality and produce. i also noticed they have really good products for detoxifying and cleansing.

also back to the greens ive noticed they help you with digesting protein and meat and fish generally. the thing with meat and fish is that they are highly acidic in nature and yet vital for recovery and muscle growth so even though they are important they do require balance via greens.

hope this helps and look forward to seeing you soon.