Looking younger and feeling and being younger at 45 plus is easier than you think.

Most people who don’t train, exercise and lead healthy lifestyles through exercise simply look older, weaker and less physically present.


I remember during lockdown when I was doing unlimited exercise at St James Park with my client we saw one of the Ritz Hotel owners one of the twins with his bodyguard. They were both balding. The security guard looked in his 40s and strong and Mr Ritz looked as if in his 90s. We played guess who is Mr Ritz from a distance. And how did we spot him. From his posture.

So what I tend to give male clients from 45 upwards is leg balance drills as well as basic proper squats with a lifted chest, heels down and also more movement from their hips. Funny enough most of my clients who train with personal trainers and physiotherapists have not shown them these subtle cues properly so unfortunately most people do not do squats properly and will never have spines and skeletons and postures as healthy as they can be.


Cycling is also safe as it can help with knee health providing they don’t have a knee injury- leg balances but only for 8 slow reps as it can be challenging. A few sets of postural correct squats which actually also will hit the arms quite hard, some shoulder circles and arm dislocated with a resistance band and also some back extensions with a good stretching routine.


If you’d like me to personally show me please do so at my gym or even at your own convenience at home or via video online in real time together.