This week I was training a group of 3 female clients ranging from 20-30 years old and one thing I’ve noticed about myself is I love to work out patterns and universal truths in life to people anything to do with the mind, the body and the spirit. The thing that has grasped me in terms of physical health for both men and women is that there is a system out there that will universally make you healthy, it will give you athleticism, power, strength, speed, flexibility, the grace of movement, an incredible body and shape, endurance and a fit feeling of being on top of the world, mental, physical and psychological positivity and a great mood, confidence, mental toughness, shape and aesthetics exactly as you want and exactly where you want.

To me at present these four types of exercise can fulfil that for you”

Gymnastics will make you strong, it will get you fit, it will shape you and it will strengthen you, it will liberate and expand the strength and agility of your movement.

Skipping, mentally liberating, it burns fat like crazy, it gives you great cardio, core, rhythm, coordination, its great for alleviating you from stress and boosting your mood, the jumping motion stimulates your lymphatic system and bowel movement which is excellent for slimming and detoxifying the body, its great for a fighters foot work and will help improve martial arts and fighting skills.

Weights with core, this will help with posture and confidence massively when the right movements and postures are used for your body type and your imbalances. its also great for correcting, strengthening and rehabilitating your body, it will shape you exactly the way you want to shape and the location you want to shape, its firming, it will literally firm the areas of loose skin you want to firm, it will elevate and optimise your hormones in such positive ways you will enhance your mood and get rid of loose skin and stubborn fat. it will speed up your metabolism, calm you down, help you sleep better and therefore always seem more youthful than someone who doesn’t lift.

Martial arts will give you an internal confidence that you can look after yourself, it will give you dynamic ability to move like a warrior and it will help you understand strength, will, determination, endurance, speed, power, reflexes and really get you to wake up your sense and help you feel alive, because a lot of it is about reaction, reflexes, timing and anticipation, theres a lot more strategy to this then meets the eye and the other thing is it requires fast, intelligent movement and fantastic footwork which will give you incredible health and fitness..

Start incorporating these four styles of training into your life and watch it literally revolutionise your mood, how you feel, how you look, your confidence and simply looking after your self. If some of these concepts are foreign or not available in your repertoire come and join us for tweaked and individualise personal training in Central London, Westminster.