I’m a real big fan of the hammer curl, which is great for the grip, the forearm. Again, I’m going to do this standing and the aim is to draw the belly in, have the shoulder blades pulled back, and lengthen the neck out. So what we’re getting is we’re strengthening the core and torso at the same time as we’re really firming up the forearms.

The primary goal of the exercise is to work the forearms, but from the other side. We’re actually looking at lengthening the spine out, getting a nice stretch, getting a good core in the standing position. We’re going to try that out now; a strong grip, feet in a neutral position, hip parallel. You’re going to draw in the belly, lift the chest up, shoulder blades back. Squeeze the dumbbell firmly. It’s going to come up just away from the shoulder blades, slowly as you go down and breathing out as you come up.

Hold it there until you get the contraction. Slowly lengthening, keep the elbows slightly away from your body, breathing out as you come up, and on the way down slowly, breathing out as you come up. A strong grip. Make sure that you’re getting a good amount of blood flow and contraction in the area and then for me, I like to take a little break and then go straight back in with very little rest just to burn the muscle out.

So you have about 10, 20 seconds and go straight in again. This is a good technique to do if you want to just burn the muscle out and you’ve got a short amount of time. So you can play around with that. Also, I like to go for performance. For example, I have more rest and go for one rep more or go onto another exercise.

I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing you soon. We’re based in Westminster. Checkout the website: and see you very soon.