The reason we do hand balancing is that it’s outstanding for both coordination and activation of the nervous system and also for strength and body awareness which is why gymnastics can be such a spiritual game and yet such a great enhancement and benefit for the physique.


If you want longevity and long-term health balance is the way forward, balance in working the body holistically and balance in the act of balancing which switches on the nervous system, our proprioception, mental focus and motor skills.

The focus required to balance on both hand or one hand or balancing acts on both feet or one leg will get the brain and nervous system so switched on our neural pathways keep us young simply by learning to focus, coordinate and activate in unison.

A lot of strength is required to hold us up and so we get a lot of toughening and strengthening of the joints, ligaments and bones and muscles.

The other thing required is usually dynamic movements of the body that require agility and momentum and clear thinking and vision so we also get a lot of speed and flexibility merged with strength and tend to create a shape and body type that doesn’t have to much waste or weight on it e.g. you don’t usually see an overweight or heavy or unfit person doing these things, so doing these things foot balances and hand balances will get you in an awesome shape simply by doing the activities.

It’s funny because sometimes they look easy and deceptively simple so people believe it won’t work as it doesn’t look as hard as running or lifting weights and that’s where I believe we get once again deceived.

Come over to my gym in sw1 as I would love to show you different balance drills and how they can benefit you.