Happy feet equal a happy and healthy life but sometimes hypertrophy, and muscle building, can get in the way of function, performance and even health.

There are three types of training for the feet:

  1. Flexibility – to get a full range of motion in the feet and to be able to hold positions.
  2. Dynamic movement – to be able to move with composure and balance whilst using the full range of movements in both feet.
  3. Strength – to be able to move the feet well with full range and either hold positions or repeat positions.

You might be wondering why I feel so passionately about feet but, to put it quite simply, it translates into having great posture, great strength, and great movement and ability.

Your body starts from its foundations, its root, just like any other building does, and also deals with gravity in exactly the same way. So build from your foundations to get a strong structure all over. There are three of us at the studio in Westminster, sw1, London for personal training and treatments. Kasia Jay can help you with the fascia of the feet in order to relieve you from pain and create better movement, balance and health. Julian Thomas Team GB Olympic sprinter can help you with the movement required for running, sprinting and sports. Finally, I can help you with the function, development and overall posture of the body to make you strong and healthy. Imagine that once you get strong in these areas you will get strong all over and can go for any physical goal you want from performing in a sport, to taking up a new sport, or simply walking tall and confidently with great posture into any room or social setting you want.