Training should be prescribed.

I laugh at myself when I say this but I’m also serious. I’ve read countless books, met countless masters of sports science training, osteopath, physiotherapists, and all types of physical masters and my issue with the industry is the programmes with God-like conviction as to what works and what doesn’t work for each person is ridiculous to me.

With every client I’ve had, time and time again, I’ve been proved that each person has a specific code and way of moving and training that needs to be done.

Think of it this way, every day the body is out of balance and out of alignment; this applies to everyone.

This isn’t bad, this is what makes us unique and actually keeps things interesting for us. So if we agree on this concept, really training is about rebalancing the body so you get the best you out of you whatever that be: psychological, physical, a shift in mood or shape or even confidence.

And confidence, or lack of, can be due to physical and psychological factors. Which are easily addressed in two ways; the two powers of the mind are in 1) movement and 2) in stillness.

Moving powerfully and being still powerfully are the way forward. Someone who looks at the floor, has shifty eyes, hunched shoulders and tight muscles that are weak are not going to demonstrate herculean feats of strength, nor are they going to show razor sharp mental powers.

Most billionaires have a similar posture, walk and activity of the eyes. You can definitely – through the body – pinpoint masters of the body and mind. And so, here’s where my obsession arose in healing through movement; obsessing on learning different movements and seeing how they affect us for the better.

I find in each client and each person that I have ever met new codes works for that individual. Yes, there are some generalisations, and some patterns in people that can be similar, but the sequence and the actual needs of every single person is finding their unique code. And with my analytical mind I discovered that was my passion and my genius! So join AWPTS and I will help you personalise your training by prescribing you with a unique tailor-made regime.