i love exercise, i specifically love training, i have never worked out and thought, why am i here? i understand there are a lot of people who don’t love training and who don’t love working out, but we all know that exercise and movement is an absolute necessity to keep the body healthy simply by moving. thats one part of the equation to health, the physical, the external, the muscles we show, the pretty faces, the clothing, the hairdos, make up, the body, the list goes on when it comes to looking good for men and women.


the other equation to health is quite internal, the routine in our day, do we wake up and run to work without any food, water, meditation or reflection, this is the part of health i want to delve into because i see a lot or repressed and unhappy looking faces walking down victoria street and in westminster generally, and I’m sure its not specific to london, but is a global and worldwide part of human nature, sure we all do have ups and downs, what I’m concerned about is people that seem constantly down, neutral, repressed, unable to be their true and authentic selves. recently I’ve been practicing tai chi chuan, tantra and meditation and have noticed that rest and relaxation is such an important part to our overall health too, just because your body looks good, does not mean to say it is good, or healthy. on the contrary there are people who look and absolutely are good. whats the difference?


active and passive relaxation, a person who understands how to train, work and live hard but also understands to complement their mind, body and spirit with daily nourishment and practice of reflection, relaxation, meditation and whatever other release they can think of that they enjoy, walking in the park enjoying the green, closing your eyes and imagining a heavenly location for the next holiday, tuning into yourself and remembering whats going well, i believe mental, psychological and spiritual health has to be combined with physical activity and nutrition and sleep to make things better..


im undoubtedly sure thats why my clients stay with me, I’ve seen so many high powered clients go through so many stressful points in their lives and allowed them to feel better and walk out feeling better or even amazing through coaching, asking them questions, giving them a new perspective, getting them to do deep diaphragmatic breathing, meditating, sometimes releasing trigger points, and the great thing is that this extra stuff only needs to take as little as 5 minutes, so maybe try 5 minutes of deep breathing with your eyes shut right now, do it every day and notice how you grow internally..

anyway nuff said and looking forward to seeing you in person very soon indeed!