running is great if you are into it, and some people are into it because it suits their bodies but it certainly isn’t the panacea as it doesn’t address moobs for men or bingo wings for women. its great for blood flow, energy and great legs but really doesn’t account to much for the upper body.

i have clients who have to stop running due to issues like arthritis or knee issues or even heel issues so really the solution for these guys to get them running again and getting their upper bodies strong is getting them to do deadlifts and back squats and bench presses.

i have helped runners, triathletes and ironmen with these three movements because what it does is strengthen and lengthen their upper and lower bodies.

the back squat, strengthens the lower back, the legs, the hips, the butt and the upper back so is fantastic for improving posture and the drive of the quads to help you move forward faster, this move also helps to improve the bone density of all the joints and ligaments required for running healthily.

the deadlift is fantastic for hamstrings, spine and grip strength as well as the whole back, its great for general strength and allows greater energy as you learn to stay strong in an upright position with this exercise, its way more beneficial to stand up and hold the weight at the top of the lift to enhance energy and posture

and then theres the bench press which excellent for the chest to help men counter the moobs, the triceps for womens bingo wings and also the shoulders to help both men and women appear leaner and more athletic due to strong shoulders and narrow waists.

so for any runners out there i do recommend and have succeeded with many clients who do run, so try it out if your not getting the shape you want or are getting injured or simply want to improve your performance, look and wellbeing