The New Year is coming.

To welcome 2023 I have decided to give transformation packages, with discounts to my block bookings.

So, let’s call them block bookings with a purpose. The purpose is slimming, strengthening, muscle-building, fitness and fat loss.

You can decide exactly what it is you want to change and I’ll coach you on how to do it correctly and safely. You can achieve this transformation in as little as 3 weeks, to as much as 10 weeks. This all depends on the timeframe you have- with this, you will get an outstanding personal training experience and journey into yourself and what you are capable of becoming. You can achieve this with focus, my coaching and teaching points as well as not only information but also key changed to your habits with accountability and commitment.

Most importantly, this will be personalised to you, with ways that will inspire and motivate you. I’ll ask the questions, you’ll tell me the desire and together with my experiences and expertise we can come up with a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

By the end of the transformation you will send me video footage of your exercise techniques and dietary plans, of course, after having customised it together for your best results for your best you.

New year. New improved you. Feeling and looking amazing and hearing all those compliments from those dearest to you.

10 session blocks are normally £850. Until the end of January, I’ll be giving a 5% discount!

You can do a 3 to 4 week transformation. For 3 consecutive weeks you will train in person with me for 3 sessions a week. To ensure you continue your fitness journey, the last session will consist of a one hour video call.

You can now embark in your own fitness journey.

Of course, if you choose to come back for more coaching and or a maintenance or further advancements we will and can discuss and create future plans.

I’m giving 10% off of the 20 sessions block which offers an intensive transformation, an optimal package & a growth and progression package.

The intensive package is 5 sessions a week, for 4 weeks. This is for those who want to rapidly change their habits with great shifts in shape, strength and looks.

The optimal package consists of 4 sessions, for 5 weeks, giving you a rest day mid-week.

The growth package will be 3 sessions a week, for 7 weeks. With me this is the best package for habitual change and great growth.

The biggest commitment into changing your health, shape and diet is from a 30 session block, with a 15% off until the end of January!

With the intensive package, it is 5 sessions a week for 6 weeks. If you think this is too much, you can have 4 sessions a week for 7 weeks.

I understand people can be busy, so why not try my growth package- 3 sessions a week for 10 weeks giving you plenty of time to see progression and the change of your habitual behaviours.

Find the deal that is best tailored to you and I look forward to seeing and training with you soon!