This week I’ve been practicing high pulls using a Snatch grip to improve my overall Snatch performance.

Snatch pulls are a  great move for the glutes, the dynamic movement and function of the hips and of course engagement of your grip. Your back will also get much stronger as it emphasises the beginning portion of a deadlift.

Snatch pulls are a fantastic functional strength movement and is great for improving your posture as it gets you to squeeze and strengthen your upper back at the tail end of the lift. It even works your core and will give you a super hard workout if you use it for the 5 sets x 5 reps format.

In terms of improving your snatch, its going to help you build on your current foundations by focusing on the beginning portion of the movement creating more power and drive during the lift.

NOTE: Only give this move a go if you have the correct technique as you can cause yourself serious injury if performed incorrectly!