Squatting is an essential movement.


It’s essential for our posture.

It’s essential for healthy movement.

It’s essential for moving our hips properly and it has a lot of benefits physiologically, psychologically and physically.

The how behind a squat is in the elevation of the breastbone and the shoulders being pulled back. At the same time it’s about pushing your bottom back wards in a behind you direction at the same time as keeping your chest high and mighty.

When you do it like this you give yourself the posture of a powerful king or queen. Your feet must grip In the floor and grip downwards into the earth keeping you rooted and powerful.

Why do these?

They warm your body up generally, they elevate your testosterone levels, they improve your posture and really your whole body.


I have even found that for people who want to improve their upper body strength its good to add squats on days when you want to improve upper body strength due to the elevation if energy and testosterone that emerges from squatting.