This morning doing my session at 7am I was in Hong Kong or more correctly put was on a video call to my client who does an hour of coaching and training with me in Hong Kong.

He starts off yawning and telling me how tired he is, this isn’t good and we have to shake off his energy and get his blood, feet and body warmed up, vibrant and fit.

He’s forgotten his matt and the floor is wet, so we are limited to exercises we can do. We start with skipping and get him to skip for 20 minutes preferably without stopping- this has gotten him very fit.

He asks me about my group confidence meet up coaching and how it’s going, so I decide to take him through the confidence coaching system we do on Sundays.

One of the few posture exercises we do is we start with one leg foot balancing drills which i do almost everyday of my life to reset my spine, neck and posture and to activate my feet and my glutes.

So get him to do this and then get him to do shoulder dislocates which gets him to pull the shoulder blades back and open the chest arms and shoulders up. The third exercise we do is a a squat hold which requires his heels to plant into the floor and gets him to activate and engage his glutes. I also get him to push his butt back so that it supports and straightens his spine improving his skeletal system. The arms will be raised at shoulder height and retracted engaging his arms and putting his chest into a posturally correct position.

As we are doing these I take him through the group dynamics of asking him what one thing in his life will better it if he takes it on.

He mentions discipline in time management of his team at work and time with family.

1st I tell him he is doing perfectly well already as he is and to acknowledge that, we all are. The second thing I ask is ‘what is stopping you from achieving that?’


He shares that he takes on too much responsibility for others, I say that he isn’t fully responsible and in control of what goes on for others.

I ask him can he lower that responsibility and control. He says yes sure. My next question is can he take more responsibility for himself he says yes, sure.


I say fine if you can focus today on just one percent more responsibility on yourself until tomorrow, our next session that would be action in the direction you want, can you do that? He says yes. I say great, sew you tomorrow.


My group coaching has helped me to look at people and realise it’s usually one thing they can work on and better themselves that will improve their lives and personal training has helped me help groups and individuals as I know that each individual comes with his or her story and mood and way and challenges and approach to learning.