You are thinking of your next holiday or may have even booked one or just want to look great sunbathing locally in nature.  You want to feel comfortable and know your curves are all in the right place and that both your swimsuit and your best jeans look slim on you.

Ultimately you want comfort in yourself and your perception of yourself. A flat stomach, a well muscled, shapely and curvy butt in the right places so that you can feel good when out with friends on social events and with your partner anytime.

You look in the mirror and you feel good, in yourself, you want these results and you want them quickly, say in 3 to 5 weeks.

The problem is that you do not know the exact strategies to achieve this ideal body because when you walk into a gym you are not sure what exercise to pick or what foods to eat.

It’s time for a strategy, a schedule, for care and connection so that you get the shape you want without the pressure. No more yo yo diets and random workouts.

I have the solution, a schedule with me, a pt, which fits your schedule, no waiting around, quick results, online, at your home or in person at my gym in westminster. Work is pressuring you so if you simply go with the flow and don’t set a pt schedule you will not set boundaries up at work for self care and you time.

You want the shape without the extremity so, that means minimum time and maximum effect. Training 3 x a week consistently for 3 to 5 weeks, eating clean but not ridiculously so, and getting your shape the right curves.

This well laid out regularity will help build your body image.