Did you know your mind and body connect for you to achieve peak performance?


Peak performance, the zone, feeling the groove come from actively integrating and using, knowing how to use the engagement and connection from your mind through and into your body.

You can get focused in your mind by being present and ready for the moment mentally. We are not born with confidence it is actually a skill and habit that is practiced by successful people sometimes daily and very consistently.


Right now If you stop and imagine yourself in your movie hero kick ass body, looking great, in shape and comfortably and at ease in your own skin you can already feel more confident and better about yourself. Ask yourself and tune in to these questions. In this shape


How would your posture look?


What would you hear yourself say about yourself? What could you hear others saying about you?


How would you view yourself in this new shapely version of yourself?

Take time mentally to think about this and within seconds with a true decision your attitude and mindset will shift. With your minds eye see yourself in this amazing shape you want to be in.

Feel the feeling you would have inside your body. See through the eyes of your more confident and shapely version of yourself. Feel the sensations in your body and notice where you feel these sensations.


You can pick every day 3 to 5 areas in your life that matter to you and mentally rehearse and build the strength of your belief in yourself in these areas.

Look at the actions and baby steps today you can do that will start your journey. Give yourself the vision and patience to give yourself 6 months, a year, 2 years plus if need be. Here is the thing if every day you do one small step everyday to take you closer to your dream and patiently believe in yourself. You will get there and enjoy the process.


Notice in your imagination how you will look having achieved attaining your dream body, your dream relationship, the best dream of a carreer and lifestyle you can imagine.

How would you breathe and hold yourself having achieved these things?


In the things you find challenging in everyday normal.life situations can you help yourself? Yes. You can do these exercise of mental confidence in your everyday occurrences and build mental strength in them.

Pick a role model and look at what you admire about him or her. Float into their body and notice the lessons and wisdom you can get from their view point. See yourself having their shape, their confidence and skills and apply those states internally to yourself.


The other way to success through the body is by strengthening your physiology, your breathing patterns and your posture by practicing and exercising them. There are power postures and mental drills to help you with your posture.


One that you can apply throughout the day everyday anywhere and anytime is yo imagine a golden thread in the sky aligning your head and core in one straight line.

There are 3 physical poses you can hold for a couple of minutes. 1 hold your chest up and have your hand on the hips and simply tune into feeling good in this position.

2 have your arms lengthened up towards the sky.


3 have your hand behind your head and pull your elbows as far back as you can.


Doing weights to strengthen your back and shoulders will actually help you to train your body to naturally hold you in these physically powerful and assertive positions.

The other thing about training is it will improve your feeling of achievement and the hormone testosterone in your body for both men and women.


Working out also reduces cortisol which allows you to handle stress more positively by releasing tension in your body helping you with your emotions and clarity of thought patterns.

Good posture = good muscle tone = good mood = greater productivity and positivity = a better life.


please contact me if you would like to exercise your mind and body into better postures through training.