Its hard to build bigger biceps unless your genetically gifted and really sometimes there are few ways to build bigger biceps maybe two ways conceptually, one eat more than what your body needs to gain weight muscle and size, two only do big lifts with arm workouts. I say this from experience as I am more prone to getting ripped abs but then again I was competitive in karate, lifted weights and ran everyday, so even though I had biceps they were ripped and lean but not large. The two periods in my life where I have had larger arms have been associated both times when I was a bigger weight, so for bigger arms you have to get bigger overall in size and change your activities unless of course you are as I said genetically gifted in the arms department. One of my trainers is an mma trainer, krav mama instructor, thai boxing coach and he is dong a Bjj competition, brasilian ju jitsu, he’s down to 7% body fat  and he’s managed to keep sizeable arms, my arms at 7% body fat are lean not sizeable.

For hard arm gainers you want to be 12-15% body fat so lean but certainly not ripped shredded abs at 11% and below, so you can see if you store to much fat you won’t get great gains because your gaining fat and not muscle and if your cutting up below 11% it will be hard to get those gains. So half the battle is nutritional, knowing where you are in terms of body fat and the other half is what exercise to do. So if your above 15% body fat my focus would be to get to 15% body fat and leave biceps out as a goal as really health wise you need to focus on reducing body fat. So for anyone reading this who considers themselves overweight leave this article for another day. For those of you leaner than 11% body fat, the real question is, do you want to be bigger and stronger overall and in your arms or do you want to stay shredded. If you want to stay shredded then enjoy health and continue and appreciate what you have, your doing a great job being healthy, come back to this if you decide to go for healthier goal like 12-15% body fat.

Ok so for those who totally have decided they are lean and want to gain a little body fat have abs but not shredded abs and get larger biceps this is for you. Number one leave all cardiovascular exercise alone for the time being, it will do absolutely nothing for your gains.

Two eat carbs with 1-3 meals everyday, with a kg of meat and fish and lots of greens.


try this workout


Back Squats x 6 sets x 8 reps

deadlift x 6 sets x 3 reps

bent over rows x 6 x 10 reps

bench press x 6 x 12 reps



barbell curls x 7 sets x 8 reps

decline barbell skullcrushers x 5 x 8 reps

hammer curls x 4 sets x 12 reps

tricep pressdowns x 5 x 12 reps

hanging leg raises x 2 sets x 12 reps



snatch x 6 x 1 rep

wide grip deadlift x 6 x 4 reps

clean and jerk x6 x 3 reps

reverse flyes x 6 sets x 11 reps



narrow grip bench press x 6sets x 9 reps

sternum pull ups x 5 x 9 reps

dumbbell overhead extensions x 5 sets x 11 reps

preacher curls x 5 x 12 reps

side oblique raises x3 x 15 reps each side



stiff legged deadlifts x 6 x 10 reps

incline press x 6 x 9 reps

prone row x6 x 12 reps

front squats x 6 x 7 reps


your probably asking me why i gave you olympic lifts and  power lifts and big lifts to gain arms size and if you took it in the idea is about gaining overall size strength and well being with larger arms, so your testosterone and overall size and strength will go up and also don’t forget the fast twitch fibres recruited for power and strength will let you hypertrophy quicker, e.g. bigger, faster, better gains.

as for the core work, well thats to help you maintain a firm core section even though core will already be utilised already in everything else you do if you do it properly, lol. Also core will help with the aesthetic shape, they say you can’t spot reduce, I’m not entirely convinced by this argument.. but thats another story. Anyway heres to your healthy gains, best of luck, please feel free to send me your before and after pictures as well as successful results. If you personally want my help contact us via email or phone.

Best regards