I’m on my way to Brazil in a week’s time. I made the decision to drop body fat in three weeks, but can it be done? Absolutely.


The key is diet.

Intake less calories than you did before and eat high amounts of protein from beef, chicken and salmon. Consume reduced carbs – or no carbs – and lots of greens from broccoli, asparagus and cucumber to cleanse and flush toxins from the body.

Sometimes, when carb cravings crash 100g of 85% dark chocolate helps. Oatcakes with cottage cheese and salmon can also work, as sometimes simply eating meat and veg can be unbearable.

In terms of training, I would say keep it simple.

If you don’t have injuries run for 45 minutes a day and, if you do, try rowing for 45 minutes and then adding 3 sets of pull ups, sit ups and push ups. This a very old school style of training but it works.