If having poor posture causes back pain,  here are a few reasons why.

Hunching forward for too many hours with your neck and shoulders for hours using the computer.

Texting and leaning your head too downwards and forwards from your neck.

Sitting for too many hours in a slouchy and non erect sitting posture.

Walking in a very imbalanced way or carrying bags in a very poor posture – especially handbags.

Lying down in any other way apart from facing the ceiling.

Ive noticed with many women I have trained recently a really good way to improve posture is doing hip thrusts from a bench, a box or the floor.

Important things to do will be keeping your head and shoulders set back and flat on either the floor, bench or box.

Another thing to do when hip thrusting is pushing and opening your hips fully towards the ceiling. No shortening of the hip!

Also with the bust and sternum lift this up fully by coordinating it with your hips pushed upwards.


You can get more range by pulling the shoulder blades and upper back against the floor to allow you to lift your chest maximally off of the floor.

To get a firm squeeze from the glutes and reinforce the posture even more when fully pushed outwards squeeze and hold the upward fully thrusted position and hold it for three seconds each time.

Two other helpful exercises to include are windshield wipers and also inch worms. Do these slowly, fully and properly to get the best effect.