Can food affect your mood? ABSOLUTELY. High levels of sugar and alcohol can really mess up your energy levels, your hormones as well as your ability to burn that fat as they also affect the speed of your liver function.

Can food elevate your mood? ABSOLUTELY. On the flip side the general equation to food that improves your mood is eating foods that release into your system in a slow and complex manner. So the best foods that release the slowest are natural fats like coconut oil which is a must and absolute essential. It will boost your brain power and your energy levels. Another power food is avocado.  Almonds are also fantastic as they are high in alkaline which cleanses the body and they have proteins and fats in them. Water is clearly an essential and will help with feeling hydrated and energised and vital.

Greens as a general rule are really good too as they are high in alkaline so will help in cleansing your system.

Now these are all perfect foods so I believe in the acid alkaline equation of having some foods that aren’t perfect such as steak which is high in iron and seems to definitely have a calming affect on me due to high protein as well. Dark chocolate is high in anti oxidants and salmon is high in omega 3 oils.

We all have different foods that we like the taste of, we all have a different bio chemistry and different dietary needs eg some of you may be vegetarian or vegan so what I would say to everyone is the best way to good mood from food is when you balance your hormones by balacing an even level of carbs, fats and proteins.

So here are some perfect meals for me:


Or salmon
Squeezed lemon
Bell peppers

As a snack after a workout

Dark chocolate

Find what works for your body and mind and every day and mix it up everyday so that you get the best from your self in energy, in shape, in performance and also in mood.