I’ve noticed a lot of people have shoulder issues

and its really so simple to fix them

way too many people work their chest and shoulders way way more to the proportions that their bodies would require to do back work

this even applies a lot more to people who don’t even workout

so i say invest in doing proper working out structure simply to be healthy and have good shoulders and spines because as Joseph pilates says healthy spines healthy minds

the spine is your energy centre so look after it, now every time you get shoulder pain, back off of all pushing exercises bar perhaps tricep exercises, e.g. chest and shoulders can be a big no no,

in fact chest exercises can be even worse for the shoulders than sometimes even shoulder exercises

so simple rule every time you feel shoulder pain from a pushing motion stop doing that and start doing some back work

now what are the best back exercises to fix the shoulders ?

so far from clients who have shoulder problems and now have strong, healthy shoulders from training

successful exercises were

1 russian twists, mobilises the shoulders and spine and works the core
2 seated rows, elbows go back, chest lifted upright and a tall spine, this is an amazing rehab exercise as it replicates people sitting in the office except instead of the leaning forward i have clients remaining upright or even leaning back slightly
3 deadlifts with a tall stand up and slight lean back, great for the spine and the roundness of the shoulders
4 hex bar deadlifts another great one for the shoulders particularly in the stand up position and much easier for beginner clients who can’t yet workout to deadlift properly
5 helicopter, fantastic for lengthening and firming the triceps which can aggravate the shoulders when too tight or weak, mobilises the scapula and eases the shoulders up, and also works the shoulders with out any strain

the great thing about this system is you can always try a pushing exercise lightly and with a proper warm up, and once aggravation in the shoulders arises, do another one or two exercises on the list above to help your shoulders and you’ll feel great

otherwise if your still confused come and see me ill fix your shoulders!!!