I’ve been doing a lot of handstands lately and I’ve come to realise just how important healthy shoulders are and how much they can affect the health and long term wellbeing of my clients.

Most people hold a lot of tension in their shoulders whether it’s from stress, defensiveness, sitting for long hours in the office hunched or just going through daily life with poor posture. Here are some ideas and exercises you can adopt to improve and maintain the health of your shoulder:

1 Focus on external rotation of the shoulders
2 Practice lifting your chest up regularly throughout the day
3 Get a massage therapist to loosen up trigger points in the chest
4 Do exercises like reverse flyes and helicopters (with good form!)
5 Stretch out the chest, bicep, triceps and shoulders daily (Stick drills are great for this)
6 Come and see myself or one of trainers and we’ll help you will all of the above!