Getting fat is easy, it’s why we have an obesity epidemic here in the UK but many people still don’t understand WHY they’re getting fat when they’re just going about their normal day to day, so here it is simple and plain.  On a macronutrient level, continue eating way too many calories, eat pizza, cakes, bread, alcohol, overly processed foods laced in sugar.

Meat is a huge factor, processed, low quality meats like bacon or reformed meats will disrupt your digestion, energy levels and get you fat with minimal effort. Sugar and sweeteners (found is most foods) slow down the effectiveness of your liver in breaking down toxins so they begin to get stored in your fat cells speed up the fat gaining process, so having lots of DIET cola full of aspartamene is a fast track to a floppy gut.

Become a night owl, make sure you’re getting as little sleep as possible and if you are managing to sleep make sure you’re constantly woken up. Watch lots of tv before bed to keep your brain active and stay seated for long periods of time, day in and day out at home, at work and on your daily commute, yes travel without using your legs, remember this is about minimal effort.

The levels of sarcasm in this post are extreme but if you just learn to do the opposite of what I’ve mentioned above, move more, eat cleaner whole foods in their natural state, improve your sleep quality, you’ll already be on the path the better health and a slimmer waistline.