your training hard even for hours a day, and still not getting results

whats the cause? whats the problem?

your not drinking alcohol, your not eating sugar and yet you still have that bloat, your not eating carbohydrates for a period of time and are still bloated

one thing I’ve noticed and have thought of for quite a while, is whey protein and sweeteners, pre workouts and sweeteners

the brain knows how to burn sugar, but it doesn’t know how to digest chemicals from the liver, and what some opinions imply in which i also believe and agree with, is that sweeteners in flavoured water, pre workouts and protein drinks is the amount of sweeteners that they put into each drink. lets say you workout daily and have 1 or 2 protein shakes and 1 pre workout, thats already 3 servings a day and 21 servings of chemical sweeteners in your gut for 1 week, now lets say you use them monthly, or even worse year round, then guess what… theres a lot of chemicals and additives residing.

try not using these products for a week, and see how painful it can be, especially when it comes to pre workouts, because they give such a good feeling, I’ve personally had a friend buy me organic coffee with guarana from amazon of all places and it seems to work, its not as intense as a pre workout but i don’t feel like a zombie.

also if your going out to restaurants try ordering food that doesn’t serve fries and doesn’t have meat caked in sauce, e.g. not the bbq ribs but the steak instead… a lot of times if we are training intensely we are not seeing our abs due to diet, so observe whats going into your mouth and think about whether its natural or not, if its not, its probably not allowing you to get the results you want