Its very simple, abs are built in the kitchen, and also in the gym. The basic rule to visible abs or a six pack is that you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming and therefore reducing body fat until you get down to a low enough percentage that your abdominals are clearly visible in a six or eight pack depending on your structure.

The diet is disciplined, its hard but its simple at the same time.

Protein and fats in the morning, such as salmon and eggs and a grilled tomato.

post workout shake

a lunch with chicken rice and broccoli

cod or turkey in the evening with bell peppers

men need about a kg of meat and fish, and women from half to three quarters of a kilo depending on what they can digest.


Its simple and yet its rigid and the test is how much do you want those abs?

I guarantee you will get abs on this diet with exercise, I’ve seen people get miraculous results but this diet is only achieved by the determined, i also guarantee if you workout hard and ignore the diet you can train for years and not get any results. Results come from commitment.

now with exercise, you will need 4 days to workout.

day 1

back squats


Incline press

barbell rows

decline skullcrushers

barbell curls



day 2


wide grip deadlifts

front squats

decline press

prone rows

preacher curls

overhead extensions

Barbell roll outs


day 3



barbell bench press

one arm rows

seated dumbbell curls

tricep pressdowns

russian twists


day 4


one leg box squats

thaiboxing or running fast for 3 rounds of 3 minutes each

reverse flyes

skipping for 4 rounds of 1 minute as fast and rhythmic as you can

narrow grip bench press

seated rows


all exercise would be done for 4 sets