The foundation of movement comes from the feet, and movement is so vital to men and women for so many reasons – from being healthy and strong, as well as having good posture and core, to staying injury free by moving from the right place (what I mean by that is using the right muscles to move properly).

There are a few ways to improve this and I have been watching clients progress in this area.

  1. Stand on one leg with your other knee raised up, close your eyes and hold still for one minute, then switch legs. This sounds so easy but it isn’t and is so useful for a functional, stable and strong foot.
  2. Do step ups on a box and then balance with the other knee when you step all the way up.
  3. Practice lunges from different variations, particularly walking, alternating, and reverse lunges; they will help you get better foot stability and strong in sports and in life generally.

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