Ageing doesn’t have to be a bad thing but many people use it as a way to let themselves off the hook for taking accountability for their health and wellbeing. The are many ways to grow old ungracefully and here’s just a few:

1. Let your self go by drinking lots of alcohol especially beer so you can develop a beer belly.
2. Eat lots of junk food, chocolate, crisps etc which you do not burn as effectively as when you were younger so you can put more toxins and more weight on and get puffy everywhere including your face.
3. Become less physically active
4. Eat a high processed carb diet that allows you store lots of body fat increase your insulin levels so that your energy crashes and you are left feeling groggy.
5. Avoid healthy fats like avocados and skips the greens.
6. Avoid drinking water and have lots of soft drinks and fruit juices so that you store lots of fat and have mood swings with surges of short energy and long days full of low energy/
7. Avoid exercise, avoid stretching so that you get very stiff all over the body and movement becomes more painful.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and have learnt how to grow old ungracefully, or you can just to opposite?