A lot more women have started embracing weight training which is great but there is a big fear amongst women about getting too BIG, and I mean too muscular. There are still some ladies out there who stick to long distance running or fitness classes and I understand that most women do not want that fitness model look but instead want the healthy balance of being strong and lean for optimal health which means picking up some weights from time to time.

The best combination of movements for optimal health are where you can run, skip, fight, jump, lift and balance.

For women who want slim leans legs I always  prescribe sprinting and interval training on the treadmill. I tend not to like putting women on bikes as I feel there is too much emphasis on the quads and that may increase the size of the thighs. Single leg balance drills are good, jumping is always a great one depending on conditions and injuries, skipping is fantastic, lots of lunges, squats, single leg squats and step ups. The key is to use just your own body weights for these movements as going too heavy on the weights with back squats or deadlifts will thicken the body which most women I train want to avoid.

Ladies, if you want slim legs yes of course you should lift weights to get strong and improve your posture but definitely mix it up with jumps, running, and body weighted drills too and of course with the right guidance you can be sure to get your desired look you’re after.