I lead a team of trainers and have always met my personal training targets which is which is why I own my business today, I hit targets! This doesn’t make me special but it does mean I’m focused and numerical about how I gauge my personal and business goals.

I also know how many sessions I WANT to do per week, per month, per year and at what rate and and I’m always checking in with myself to make sure these are being met or that I’m doing everything in my power to move towards them.

When talking to my trainers, I always make it a habit to ask them how many sessions they’re doing this week, and how many sessions off or over their targets they are and at what rate per session.

If they don’t know there numbers, they don’t take their work seriously enough and simply aren’t hungry / passionate enough to care and this is a big warning sign!

If you’re starting out in personal training or haven’t are not meeting your targets, the first thing you need to do is workout how many sessions a week you need at what rate to live the lifestyle and earn the finances you want each week, month and year.

If your not quite there just yet, start promoting yourself so that you have more and more opportunities to get in front of new people to meet your new goals. Blogging, video content, Instagram etc are great ways to promote yourself but don’t be afraid to just get out on the street or in your gym and talk to people.

Go forward, I want you to make it a rule to watch how your business is growing. Every day audit whether or not you are moving closer or further away from your targets and make the necessary changes to keep yourself on course. We all get into personal training to impact other peoples lives but you can’t continue that unless you have the financial security to keep yourself in the game.

If you would like some one-on-one advice in person or over Skype to build your personal training business then send me an email at adam@awpts.com to book a session