Essentially there are 3 ways to lose body fat:


1. Eat in a way that you are energised and burning body fat

2. Rest. Sleep and Relax.

3. Exercise intensely.

It’s simple and it’s hard at the same time. It’s hard work. So the only way you will truly get your physique goals and a sense of fulfilment are at the point that you’re disciplined for the long term. For life. Day in. Day out.

When you have a strong enough ‘why’ for what you want to achieve then you will have focus and energy to pursue it. Why do I do it? Because to me, I feel connected, spiritual, alive, energised and fricking happy!

Now I’ll give you some practical tips:

Eat greens, healthy fats and clean protein sources. Eat avocados, Bananas, Berries, Steak, Salmon, Cod, Almonds, Coconut oil, Flaxseed oil, Broccolli, Peppers, Garlic and any other good fats, proteins and vegetable.

Avoid or reduce alcohol, starches and sugars (cakes, sweets etc).

Try meditating to reduce stress. It will help you avoid emotional eating and gaining fat. Try sleep and napping that gets you to the point where you feel energised and recovered. However many hours that may be and never act tired. Acting tired makes you sluggish. Don’t do that to yourself. Commit to being energised.

Try to exercise daily. Do skipping. Do running. Do rolling. Yoga. Gymnastics. Martial arts. Weights. Rock climbing. Boxing. Dancing. Sprinting. Mix it up and get as many types of fitness as you can and then you will discover your true discipline and love.

Losing body fat is easy you just need a big enough why and experience the emotions and feelings that come with being in good health.