So its easy to lose fat, simply eat less calories than your body requires, but you may lose muscle and this may effect your metabolism and definitely will affect your hormones and strength.

There is however a way to lose fat fast and safely. for guys they need to eat 1kg of net weight proteins and eat greens and plenty of water, for women they need to eat 1/2 kg of net weight protein + , and eat greens and have lots of water. Both men and women must workout 4 x a week using weights and interval training.

The workouts must cover the whole body either as whole body workouts or as split routine workouts that focus on the whole body. During a fat-loss phase as opposed to a muscle building phase I would include more core work.

Heres the thing usually clients who don’t get these quick results do not do so because they cheat with sugars and alcohol, personally I believe clients or people searching fat loss must focus on the goal and the prize and not deviate from this style of nutrition.

Cheating happens in the fitness world when someone has achieved there body fat target not during when they are trying to reach their target. Once you have achieved your target of body fat thats when you include carbohydrates post workout and a meal after the post workout to keep your hormones and body fat levels safe.

A lot of people on fat loss programmes are usually beginners in the fitness world so for a first workout i would have them doing

Day 1 (Repeat For Day 3)

Back squats


Hill walks

Bent over rows

Military presses



Day 2 (Repeat For Day 4)

Wide grip deadlifts

Front squats with dumbbells

Barbell curls

dumbbell skullcrushers

Reverse flyes

Sit ups

Leg raises

60 second fast run intervals