The Safest ” How To Lose The Baby Weight ”, For Permanent Results

After the life-changing 9 months, you have your precious child to hold! Of course, that period left you with a few extra pounds and that’s completely normal! Expert personal trainer and health coach Adam White will reveal how to lose the baby weight the safe way. No more extreme scenarios that will harm your health and your will for a healthy lifestyle as a new mother.

<< With me this is always a matter of calories in and calories out.
For example, the first thing is if you are eating quality healthy foods that give you great energy, a great strength that fits your lifestyle and still slimming. Having lean muscle and being strong is how you will lose the baby weight the safe way. Your new lifestyle requires much strength!


If you are eating more calories than you are burning then it’s natural to gain weight. So the secret lies in that sentence. If you are eating fewer calories than you are burning then you will be able to safely lose weight!


Eating fewer calories doesn’t mean that you will get hungry of course. When you make the right choices not only you will not feel hunger, but you will feel a whole new level of raw energy!


Don’t think of it as a numbers game, but rather a winners game.


    1. It’s about having healthy fats. Avocados and healthy proteins like turkey are great examples of how to lose the baby weight safely, cooking healthy carbs like rice and broccoli and include some safe herbs like turmeric. Those are a few examples of super powerful and healthy calories that will help you to be strong, lean and full of raw energy while feeling full.


    1. Exercising in a way that’s healthy. Doing cardio to get the blood flow, oxygen and energy in your body. Doing the postural stretches and exercises to have great posture and enjoy the wow factor when you walk in the room by doing single leg and arm! Balance exercises, weights on big compound movements for the shoulder, the bottom the back and the chest, as they are big movement body parts. Core exercises are equally important as well.


  1. To lose the baby weight safely, you will need to do a minimum of 3 to 4 exercise days depending on how well you react to exercise. However, that will give you the privilege of knowing what will work best for you and your lifestyle!


The challenge lies in the desire.

The biggest motivation will be the permanent effects that will have on your life. The boost of confidence and feeling great will have a great impact on your everyday life as a woman and as a mother.

Is it with 3 to 4 hours a week of exercise to upgrade your life, boost your energy and give you confidence and shape with a little less money spent on food as you eat healthier and cook more!
Give your new life a strong, steady base of healthy living and enjoy even more your time as a mother! No need to ever worry again about those few extra pounds, it’s something that can be easily and permanently fixed.


If you need some extra help with it, feel more than free to book an appointment with me today, and I will be more than happy to help you do this the right way. >>
Happy training,