Nutrition is key to progress in your energy, your health, your strength, your mobility and a sexy athletic shape.

It will even affect the optimisation of your mood so needless to say it is absolutely important and essential to a well-balanced life.


Let’s start with macronutrients that boost and maximise your recovery:

Protein and fats are absolutely essential for recovery so if you eat meat things like steak, salmon and cod are amazing for handling your protein numbers. For those of you that are vegan and vegetarian flaxseed, hemp seeds, nuts and seeds are amazing for proteins and fats.

Fats are incredible for the brain and the hormones and for long and slow-released energy which will keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Ideal fats are coconut oil, almonds and avocados. They are great for everyone whether you eat meat or not.

Greens are so important for cleansing and alkalising the body so that your gut replenishes and transports your nutrients effectively so that you are fired up. Look at having wheatgrass, spirulina, broccoli, asparagus and cucumber as all of these foods are high in alkalinity.

Then there are carbs. Me personally, I tend to avoid starches as they cause inflammation in the body and slow down my energy rather than raising it up. I have them occasionally and test your body if you feel better or not with or without starches.

What I do like for carbs are fruits as they contain sugars and also micronutrients.

Bananas have potassium and magnesium (which is great before bed to relax the body). Berries are high in vitamin c and are high in antioxidants so will be great for your immune system. Coconuts also have fats and carbs and are a great source of energy, slow releasing and high in magnesium to enhance muscle recovery.

As for supplements I recommend zinc for the immune system. VITAMIN C to recover you from workouts and cold weather and glutamine for gut and brain health.

Last, of all take magnesium supplements to enhance and recover your muscles and calm your whole body down so you can sleep well. It’s always worth getting your blood work checked once in a while to get an MOT on where you’re at and to discover what’s working best for your lifestyle and the results you want.

The right nutrition combined with fitness will guarantee you ultimate results.