How can you become more confident through fitness?


A very important subject, since it can change your life.


In this article, I will quickly explain to you how to be the boss of your own self by owning your perception of exercise.


Let’s start with improved productivity and higher earnings at work, due to increased self-worth and self-belief! Exercise is also highly beneficial in relationships as well, in a sense of helping you stand up for yourself and know who you are, and set your boundaries. When you know who you are and your personal worth, no amount of toxicity can bring you down.


The basic mentality behind my first exercise is that one way to improve your self-esteem is – as guru and awesome coach Anthony Robbins says – having your chest lifted and breathing deeply and diaphragmatically while having your shoulders back and your chest up improves self-belief, think of it as an alternative to the super-hero pose!



The way we choose to perform those exercises is crucial, since moving your body the right way can make you feel invincible, with your self-esteem skyrocketed.


An old-time favorite exercise and one of the most popular ones for a high self-esteem is the hex bar deadlift.


The way we choose to perform those exercises is crucial, since moving your body the right way can make you feel invincible, with your self-esteem skyrocketed.

The most beneficial point for doing a deadlift is the fact that you keep your shoulders retracted if you have good posture but even if you don’t, it at least allows you to have your shoulders in a neutral position which improves your posture greatly.


Moreover, it allows you to engage your glutes which not only will help you to feel powerful but also, it will help you de-stress due to the fact that this muscle holds stress.


Also give a big familiar applause to cardio, because it improves blood flow but also releases endorphins and serotonin, widely known as the happy chemicals.


My preferred forms of cardio are skipping and running on the curve treadmill but at the end of the day, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Either it’s the treadmill or our bike, the fact is that after good cardio we feel great from within.


To improve self-esteem, stretching the chest out is an essential must. So the crucifix and other chest and shoulder openers like the shoulder dislocated are essential.


If you do calisthenics gymnastics or yoga, the wheel or the bridge in a full extension is great for the firming of the back and the glutes and will help you open your chest up thus improving diaphragmatic breathing.


The last two movements for self-esteem involve balance posture strength and concentration.


The first one is to close your eyes and balance on one foot. Close your eyes, concentrate and breathe and stay there for a minute. Then, of course, repeat on the other.


Finally, try 15 reps of step-ups on a box as high as you can manage. Managing to jump on that box for 15 teams will make you feel a sense of greatness and achievement which will make you feel more confident because it is something you should be proud of.


I recommend doing 4 sets of each exercise and I can guarantee you, as a fitness expert, not only you will feel great, you will also look fantastic in a short period of time.


There are a million reasons as to why to go to the gym today.


Find your own reasons, personalize your journey and allow me to help you create it exactly the way you want it, so you will be able to stick to it and make your exercise your healthiest addiction. Book an appointment today, I would be happy to accompany you in your quest for wellness.


Happy training and best regards,                                           

Adam White