My experience as a personal trainer for 20 years has shown me my superpowers as a personal trainer. This isn’t to boast but to show new perspectives and ways to treat your clients if you are a pt.

Or if you are a client or potential client and someone searching for a quality personal trainer.

Here are some helpful examples for you too so that you get the optimal quality of service and experience you get from personal training.


So here is my message to all personal trainers, all personal training and all people looking to invest in an inspiringly  life changing personal training experience.


There are 3 superpowers.


Here they are.

1 Customisation

2 Connection

3 Tweaking


1 Customisation


Customisation is probably my most consistent compliment I’ve been given by clients. I personally like to my ask clients what it is that they like the most about my training.


These are clients that I have trained for at least one year.

They are long term clients who have truly changed in habit. It means they have been training 3 x a week for a year. It means they have paid money, invested time and scheduled workouts week by week for a year.

It means they have been focused on their health and their habits, lifestyles and nutrition.

So what I mean by Customisation is questions. I ask a lot of questions, I listen.

I also Act on what I’m being told, plus I then balance my client by giving them extra value on what I have knowledge and expertise on which I incorporate for them.

This is going beyond simply what your client asks for.

2 Connection


Connection is about being a mirror. Being a personal trainer is a responsibility where you are caring and capable and able to change someone’s life impactfuly, positively and in a life changing manner.

It is a relationship. People think differently.

Thinking differently can cause challenges and conflict.

Connection is about finding common ground. A common ground where you are able to identify what someone is going through, understand it.

Share a story that demonstrates you understand your client totally no matter what. This is relating.

After that you must be able relate and match story that can identify what they are going through. The story must in some form manner link to show understanding showing  your client, a new hope.

You as a trainer have overcome at some point in your fitness journey obstacles to get healthy fit physical and consistent in your lifestyle otherwise you wouldn’t still be a personal trainer.

3  Tweaking

Your client may have an injury. Past or present. They may be in a mood.

They may have issues in their lifestyle, work or personal life.


You may think you know it all as a pt. You don’t. I don’t.

The leading edge scientists don’t. This means keep learning.

Keep looking out for universal and individual patterns.

Listen. Listening is your super power. As a coach if a client says something. You must listen and believe them no matter how much you disagree. Acknowledge and see how you can cater this.


If someone says something even if it sounds wrong believe your client because your client believes this.


So for you to help. You have to be able to understand everything they are going through internally so that you lead them from their form of darkness or over whelm and lead them to the light. To a solution.