Here are some tips on testing and improving your life by improving your mobility.


Mobility is a combination of flexibility and strength and also will help you to open up any tense parts of the body. Some parts of the body hold tension, stress and anxiety so when you stretch and strengthen them what happens is that you release the tension and put your body mind and emotions at ease and are able to relax, be more present and alive and awake.

The first emotional centre of the body is the chest area and when you stretch and open up the chest and shoulders you allow yourself to feel free and not hold on to burdens. The shoulders and the chest being tight tends to show signs of someone who doesn’t have self-confidence and belief in themselves so opening up the chest and shoulders gives a feeling of strength and certainty it’s also an open pose so allows you to be more present and open. A great exercise for this is the crucifix and many variations of the crucifix where your arm is straight and you twist your body and one of your legs away from your arm opening up the chest and shoulders and upper, mid and lower back whilst engaging your hips.

Here’s an overall mobility drill for the upper body:

Holding a single leg Russian twist to one side will allow you to open up the hips and buttocks. The buttocks are another area where we hold physical stress so deep breathing and stretching in this area releases lots of tensions and creates a lot of aliveness and relaxation in the body.

For the groin, there are the front splits. Even if you can’t yet do the splits reaching for the floor in front with your hands allows you to release tension from the groin, hamstrings and lower and upper back so this is a great way of getting rid of anxiety and softening the body and mind.

There are also the front splits or a progressive version of this whereby you can stretch the hamstrings, hip flexors and groin area and also the bridge which opens up the chest and sternum and also strengthens the muscles of the back, the forearms and stretches the whole front side of the body as well as the back and develops the glutes and even the ligaments and joints especially the wrists. Mobility is key to a healthy fulfilling life full of well being.