While travelling for work or holiday can be a lot of fun, getting there and back can play havoc with your health and hormones as well as the mechanics of your body and muscles due to blood flow. The stress caused from sitting down for hours whether it’s on a plane, train or in a terminal can really mess with your health. I have a few rules to abide and consider when travelling.


1) Workout in the morning or evening before your departure. Workout in the evening or morning after your arrival and repeat the same cycle when returning home. As exciting as travel may be, it’s also a stressor on the body whether it’s a short or long journey but especially for journeys of longer duration.

2) Make sure you walk around or up and down the aisle a few times every hour.

3) Make sure you sit upright on your seat to strengthen your posture as much as you can.

4) Do stretches for your shoulders, neck, hips and legs when you feel tight or tense.

5) Try balancing on one foot close to a nearby wall or door for a minute or so, with your eyes closed and then open.

When you’re back at your place of stay, a great workout to re-set your body could be:

1) Skipping for 20 minutes

2) Shadow boxing for 10 minutes

3) Squats and Lunges for 10 minutes

4) Push ups and Bridges for 5 minutes

5) Core work for 5 minutes

6) Running for 5 minutes

7) Stretching for 5 minutes

This can help make your trip a more pleasurable one and stop the toll of travel getting in the way of your health and wellbeing.