Cortisol is the hormone released during our fight or flight response. Common triggers include stress in the workplace, arguments with a spouse and most commonly, a lack of quality sleep.

Because adrenaline comes from cortisol elevation in the gut, emotional eating tends to follow making you more likely to reach for food and drinks that are high in sugar creating hormonal mayhem.

Here are a few tips and tricks I put together for handling hormonal hijacking, stopping anger, anxiety and stress in its tracks:

You had an argument with a loved one. 

  • Go for a walk by a river or in the park. Get outdoors and let natures green calm you down.

Your boss is overworking you.

  • Find a punch bag and start boxing (for extra motivation you could pretend it’s your bosses face. Only kidding.)

You’re feeling vulnerable.

  • Hit the weights, you’ll feel more confident and the endorphin rush will improve your self-esteem.

You’re craving junk food.

  • Be disciplined. Pizza and cake are short-term highs. Instead, reach for some salmon, avocado and a light salad with a bit of water and lime – your slimmer, firmer body will thank you for it later.

Remember you’re always in control of how you feel. Well-being starts from the inside out. Follow these tips  to keep your cortisol in check and move closer to achieving the body you desire.

Adam White

Punch Bag