the spine is the most important part of our anatomy to functionally healthily and optimally

so when looking at clients usually office hours and poor exercise technique results in spinal pain, as far as I’m concerned a weak spine is a weak mind so why not invest your time, money and efforts in getting a strong spine and a strong mind,

looking at all traditions of eastern and western conditioning the spine is needed no matter what, and it connects all the way in to the neck which means it the muscles surrounding it allow you to oxygenate and strengthen the spine

some awesome exercises for lengthening and strengthening the spine are as follow

hyperextensions – i absolutely love these at the moment, you can get a lot of clients who have weak spines workout how to engage the full spine doing this exercises while you can’t always do so with squats and deadlifts
hanging knee raise – hold, simply holding from a bar and holding your knees into your chest for as long as you possibly can
lying leg rotations- whereby you reach your leg over to your opposite hand and try to keep both arms flat on the floor, this stretch is incredible
10 metre sprints, working on the acceleration and deccelaration for the spine to rotate

try these out with your usual workout and you will feel fantastic

otherwise pop over to my gym and ill help you out myself or find someone who can