In this video, Adam shares a stretch that will help you feel re-energised after a long flight or a long stint of sitting down.

First of all let’s think about the position we lock into every time we sit down whether in a plane for many hours, driving for hours and sitting in the office writing or Internetting.

All seated portions will take a toll on our body unless we sit upright and in a deep squat for hours, which we agree, is pretty much impossible and inaccessible.

So what happens? We tighten in the back the chest the calves the neck and the hamstrings as all of those muscles are shortened and inactive so I always love a solution and here it is…Mobility!

Start off by touching the toes or reaching for them and drawing your toes in an upward direction. Slowly lengthen your spine upwards until your standing and finish with your neck drawing in. Now raise your arms overhead with your thumbs pointed backwards and then slowly pulling your shoulders back and your arms slowly back to your hips again.

You can repeat this 12 times to get blood flow mobility to de-stress recharge and generally revamp your energy levels or even mood.

If I failed with imagery what you’re basically doing is reaching for your toes and ending up in that Jesus statue pose that’s in he mountains of Brazil.