I watched Spectre at the Curzon, Victoria Street, which is awesome by the way and noticed the elaborate and physically challenging action scenes that James Bond had to tackle.

Now if I were a tailor I would notice the suits, the clothes fitted and the shoes, but as a personal trainer watching a James Bond movie, I’m in awe watching Daniel Craig and thinking about his movement patterns and energy systems required for his character thrown into extraordinary situations.

There are sprint scenes getting away from explosives, there are fight scenes against guys who may be bigger than him, there are sex scenes that require even more physical prowess. Personally James Bond as a character inspires me as he is sharp, functionally strong and self-assured.

So here are some ideas of exercises I could see him doing in order to perform at his bests in any superhero situation.

Back Squats for fast sprints and a strong spine in grappling situations and a nice butt for the ladies in a suit or beach scene.

Deadlifts to stand straight and tall and have wow presence and confidence when walking into a room and suited and being challenged by an enemy, in my books confidence beats evil.

Snatch for explosive power and to give an advantage to powerful punches and kicks.

Clean and jerk for the ability to use legs and arms powerfully.

Side planks to make a healthy, strong and long spine to help you out of difficult situations.

Punches for the rotation of the spine and a good punch, also good for mobility. Particularly right and left crosses.

He always seems to be quite lean so for core Aleknas and Barbell rollouts.

back squats 12 sets x 4 reps

deadlifts 12 sets x 5 reps

snatch 12 sets x 3 reps

clean and jerk x 2 reps

side plank x 12 reps / 15 reps and then 20 reps

right cross and left crosses x 10 reps then 15 reps then 20 reps

These can be split any way you wish to and in as many days as you want just make sure you go for intensity and perfect form, e.g. rep 1 needs to be performed perfectly and reps 20 would be a replication, no sloppy form as there are a lot of compound movements.

You will get very strong doing these moves. If you need help with anything book in for training sessions or even a Skype call.