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personally i value health over fitness as fitness seems to be used as a word for models and bodybuilders that are so called fit but are not what i would consider healthy, so aesthetically speaking i admire the hard work and aesthetics of bodybuilders and fitness models but for me personally i prefer to be healthy which means looking at the long term and sometimes appearing to be softer or less muscular than the model types

health to me is being able to do a range of activity and being great at a cross section of them

this week I’m going to try different styles of training each day to get the different benefits

so tomorrow will be power lifts the bench press, deadlift and back squat, later on tomorrow ill do yoga

on weekend i sometimes try bouldering or rock climbing

i love weights so i try weights everyday, i love yoga, i also try that everyday, i like pilates, combat and sprints so i sometimes add them in… , i love bodybuilding the concept of focusing of a couple of body parts each day, and the pump is more beneficial than any other form of exercise to get a certain body part looking amazing

try different types of training