sometimes its good to throw away the programmes and listen to your gut feeling and notice where you are moving weakly, how your body wants to move strongly, what looks weak and look at what is strong

listening to your body can be a great way for training when your stuck in a rut and feeling demotivated

because its about tuning into your own body its about noticing whats soft whats strong, whats stiff and what’s mobile

so rather than doing anything its about picking whats right

so I’m working on my lower abs as they are softer at the moment so everyday i perform hanging leg raises and leg raises

i always do my back because thats essential to my belief of foundational health

but if i feel stiff or not upright i tend to do overhead squats

if legs look weak squats

if i did long workouts and they don’t stimulate me anymore i go for shorter, multiple workouts

the lesson to learn is to mix it up to get results that work for you today

happy training