a lot of us men and women look at our strengths and focus on them, so for example a lot of women do lots of cardio but may neglect working on their hamstrings and triceps, a lot of men build size and muscle but have way too much abdominal fat so much so that you couldn’t tell that they put hours into the gym, or they training way too much chest and way too little back and so look kyphotic or really hunched, whichever word you prefer.

lets say lower abs are your weakest point, and for most people the lower abs for both men and women are the weakest point, take a period of time where you start the workout working on, yes, you guessed it, the lower abs every single workout, until they feel strong and look strong, if they do not look or feel strong after a few months of working them out first thing in each workout, then something else is wrong, you either have way too much sugar or alcohol in your diet, or your lifestyle is way too stressful and you need to look into meditating on a daily basis and sleeping more every night.

anyway lets assume the best and lets assume you have those things in good order and focus on exercises

do 4 different exercises for the lower abs

1 from a bench tuck your knees into your elbows – knee tucks
2 from bench raise your legs up and down keep your spine stable and strong – leg raises from a bench
3 hanging knee raises
4 hanging leg raises

i always go for the knee versions before the straight leg versions because its a good way to pre exhaust and focus on the lower abs and also by the time you start doing the straight leg versions you will burn your lower abs before your hip flexors become excruciatingly painful

so in fact lets change the order lol

1 knee tuck from bench
2 hanging knee raises
3 leg raises from bench
4 hanging leg raises

hope that helps and if you need coaching book in for a session, happy training