In this video, Adam tackles the phrase “I eat well…” He explains why what you think is eating well could in fact be seriously bad for your health due to good marketing.

I hear a lot of clients and people tell me they eat healthy and yet when they tell me they have poor bones and back pain or arthritis I’m assuming they don’t eat oily fish eg salmon greens like broccoli and lots of water.

Instead those very same people that tell me they eat healthy eat too many bananas, soya milk and pizzas!

It’s very dangerous to say we eat healthy as healthy is used on cereal bars and what’s healthy for one person may not be for another.

Someone with diabetes who is sedentary and eating a banana may not be wise to do so yet someone cycling and recovering post workout would be ok.

I think the question you really need to ask yourself is…

What food will give me the results I want?

Be a scientist with you food, test and re-test!