i like to work on the back predominantly, firstly whole art forms were based on the spine, e.g. chiropractic practice and the practice of yoga, and secondly weight training a form of art i love is incredible for the spine as it can strengthen your posture, your bones, joints, ligaments and entire skeletal system. if you think of the coccyx to your cervical this region covers the whole spine pretty much from your butt to your neck so i guess its a pretty important area.

so how can we work this, lets say someone has a weak back and they want to have a more visually impressive upper body, and this doesn’t just apply for the men, a lot of women who slim down also enjoy watching the arms slim down too and proportionately.

it would be good to put an upper body workout that evolves or works with the entire range of back muscles.

so to hit the upper chest and shoulders do an incline dumbbell press
for the upper back – prone row from the bench

military press
with bent over rows

wide grip pull ups
with dumbbell skull crushers

with crunches

if you want to maintain the body do this workout 1 x a week, improve it 2 x a week, and accelarate muscle growth and shape 3 x a week

and then do a whole body workout for the other body parts x 2 x a week assuming they are doing well, always focus on improving your weak points 3 x a week, so for example if my hamstrings were getting injured constantly i would work on lengthening and strengthening them 3 x a week

all the best

and happy liftings