or at the centre they called it bouldering

the point is that i like to try lots of new activities and be good at all of them like a jack of all trades at all, as to me strength is the idea of being strong in any situation and being present in any situation, so to me if your physically strong your mental states are charged up and strong

anyway back to the story of bouldering, its fun, it requires flexibility, explosivety, mental strategy, strength and determination, what i was looking for was to see what my weak points would be, but thanks to deadlifts, chin ups and back squats, no major muscles were aching at all, the major weakness or area that was aching and therefore my weak point was my obliques and as strength is health to me, guess what i was working on today and will add in almost every workout for months until i get superstrong at it?

you got it my obliques, so side extensions and side plank raises, more importantly its the sideways motion, what I’m really trying to share here is that to me training is about creating a system of strength which keeps you healthy and strong, if endurance were a factor or issue i would have addressed that, the philosophy is one of getting stronger and stronger everyday and when you get a weak point or find one, guess what you make it your strength so that you are stronger, at least thats how i perceive strength in its ability to function superhumanly in any activity.

and the connection is that its an action of humility, mental discipline and growth,