Sometimes we don’t feel like working out because we may be subject to a mood or associate too much pain with working out.

Some people do not workout because when they go to the gym or class or train on their own he or she just beats themselves up and get injured or exhausted. So my first tip to everyone is slow down and start with small wins, healthily and progressively.

The first thing to do is to take the first step. The first step into the gym, the first step outside for a small run or even the first step to trying a class you would like to go to.

Another thing to do is to tune into your body and do gentle bodyweight movements and cardio movements that you can keep going at a steady state and build yourselves up with.

Also before you even start any exercise see in your minds eye all the positive benefits of working out. See yourself becoming more energetic, more trim, more sexy, more upright in posture and being complimented by others and feeling good about yourself because of your improved shape and effort put in.