Your shoulders could be stiff as well as your neck and you could do  workout with me or you could do this without me, however if you would like to be noticed and then positioned until its just right come with me to work your body in ways that makes it feel good not just in the moment but for years and years later.

Some movements you may like are basic like cycling for 3 to 5 mins to warm you up generally from down there in the feet, the calves, all over the legs including the groin and getting the hips moving, rocking side to side to get the spine warming up. With me I’ve noticed  whether your back or shoulders or neck are sore or whether you feel you are weak I’m the knees with me the bike will help you warm yourself up and to me this gets blood everywhere where you want it to be


And you only need 5 minutes of this until you get warmer and are ready to work your hips, your glutes, your feet the back of the neck, its a wonderful feeling when you feel the back of your neck lengthening with a new direction of blood flowing into that area where you simply thrust your hips upwards and you push your feet into the ground roll your shoulders back and squeeze your body so its hard and firm and you hold that position for a minute or two. You’ll feel your feel your butt firmer then before instantly from just holding it there for a minute.

And then when you discover with me these wall sits you sit at 90 degrees below me, maybe 75 degrees if you don’t have weak knees and you will feel your glutes while pressing your back hard against the wall so you feel safely supported and firm in this position and you can move your arms rhymically up and down and you will feel your shoulders naturally ease as well as flow in the neck area.  Again one minute or two can be more than enough for you.


You will feel your legs from this and also a release in your neck and shoulders. I also love the bouncing rhythm of skipping so you can move and bounce rhythmically with your feet.

So today with me inside you you will feel your legs working because this is a leg workout to provide chemistry, movement and fluidity of the the shoulders providing a feeling of warm, energised wellbeing, those good feeling inside of warmth, health and vitality moving your feet and loosening your shoulders not quite like a dance but maybe you can do that socially.

You need two things rhythm and vision for what you do to feel good.

You can do drop squats pushing your butt back and gripping hard on to the dumbbells you feel them in your hand keeping your body firm and upright yet slowly going down when you place your body with a flat back gently onto the bench with control and grace, embrace your spine and core by leaning back towards the back of the bench while you hold your stomach in firmly.


When you get on the floor to do your core a great one is side plan raises where you have firm legs hardening to support yourself safely so that your knees are well and supported and safe, you move your hips down to the floor and then raise them back up with the strength of your arms and shoulders and the support of your elbow firmly planted into the floor.

You can also do leg extensions where you sit down comfortably and place your back into the back resting it and again keeping your hips down into the seat so they don’t move up and down and you keep all the pressure and burning explosion into the front of your legs.


And the next thing for you to do is the single leg deadlift holding it strong and having one leg firmly balancing you and gripping you into the floor the opposite hip has to go down directionally towards the floor because if you don’t push it down it will go up way too much. And we want to keep your hips as neutral and parallel and grounded to the floor while keeping your arms back and and shoulders back and chest lifted and the leg elegantly in line with your spine and torso firmly holding up in the air still in line with the line of the rest of your spine.