If you are like most Londoners you probably sit at a desk, on a train, on a plane or in your car for way too many hours per day and this seriously tightens your hips up, it restricts and limits your movement, encourages hunching forward, it kills the bodies ability to detox and it’s not very expansive for the human spine.

After flying from Barcelona to London and back again I realised just how bad sitting down in a chair for hours is for the body, it feels restricted, you lose blood flow, movement and strength because you can not move powerfully in such a restricted position, the body simply doesn’t like it which is why you end up fidgeting like crazy! (Well I do!)

The first thing I needed to do when I got back to my studio in Westminster was to perform some deadlifts. If you don’t do deadlifts or can’t do them they are an absolute must to get your power and strength back because you simply cant find such a powerful stretch and compression from any other move, it’s fantastic for combating excessive sitting.

The other thing I have noticed from yoga is the need for lat stretches and neck stretches, because no matter who you are whether sedentary or active they will get tight from being seated and hunched.

If you want an open and powerful posture and to get rid of your hunch back and compressed chest, come and do a workout with myself or one of my awesome team members in our studio and embark on your journey to health, wealth and longevity.