There is hope for you if you have niggling office shoulders and could improve your posture and unround your shoulders.


Here are some leg exercises to get your legs looking great in shorts or short dresses while improving your health your shape and your spine for long term development and well being.

I’ve found a solution for a lot of people including perhaps yourself with tight shoulders is that your necks could be lengthened and bettered in position and in strength and range of motion.

A great solution for those of you who have tight shoulders is to strengthen your neck muscles by doing a chin tuck. I’ve actually put together some chin tuck and neck exercises where you can train your legs at the same time. One of my favourites you can use is an old school wall sit. The only difference to the classic one is I want you to focus in on pulling your chin and ears neutrally back so that neck is neutral and the back of it long.


This can burn your legs help with your neck, shoulders and as a side effect your spine and leg shape giving you greater health and energy to look and feel great.

Another exercise to improve your shoulders stabilisers and conditioning for you to habitually and naturally lift your chest more so and have it lifted is to do barbell squats properly in a biomechanical way that helps your sternum upper chest lift.

You get underneath the bar with the meaty part of your shoulders but more at the top of them close to your neck. You have your elbows and fist and wrist in line with the bar where you grip it. As you go downwards keep your chest lifted and keep your head back and eyes looking forwards. While you do this going down push your bottom back as far away backwards as you can making sure your back stays straight and strong.

When you do this correctly you could feel pain in the shoulders so don’t overdo it as you may have been rolling your shoulders forwards for years so take it as you come session by session.

Your next move is the hex bar deadlift and this is lower your trapezius and lengthen and strengthen your spine. So squeeze you glutes and shoulder blades back with a long spine to set yourself up and begin your lift. When you come up lengthen your body up and at the top pull your shoulder blades back while bracing and engaging your hips and  glutes slightly forwards.

Then your next and last move is to loosen up your shoulders by doing straight arm lateral raises where your aim is to widen your shoulders in line with shoulders to give them a strong and healthy feel.


Lastly if you want more energy and blood flow you can add a 3 minute stationary bike ride plus 3 minutes of stepping while pushing downwards from your heels and you can do all of these exercises for 1 to 3 rounds and feel and look great while looking and feeling vitalise and fantastic for the rest of the day.